Ecoacoustics for Conservation Workshop 2020

(More details coming soon)

11-12 February 2020, QUT, Brisbane, Australia

Organisers: Susan Fuller and Paul Roe, QUT

Large areas of Australia are experiencing sustained anthropogenic pressure, environmental degradation and biodiversity loss. Increased threats from habitat loss and fragmentation, pollution, human-wildlife conflict, invasive species, climate change, etc, are leading to increased species endangerment and loss of ecosystem structure and function. As a result, monitoring of ecosystem health and biodiversity across temporal and spatial scales is a critical priority. Innovations in ecoacoustic technology and big data analysis approaches have the potential to address this challenge and deliver conservation outcomes.

Ecoacoustics can be applied in all types of terrestrial and aquatic (freshwater and marine) ecosystems and to questions relevant to individual species, populations, or species assemblages across landscapes.  The aim of this workshop is to explore current and future research opportunities in ecoacoustics with a focus on ecological applications in conservation. The primary focus is on terrestrial monitoring of audible fauna.

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