What is the Australasian Chapter of Ecoacoustics?

The Australasian Chapter of Ecoacoustics (ACEs) is a branch of the International Society of Ecoacoustics (ISE). The ACEs was formed in June 2016 at the International Society of Ecoacoustics Congress in Michigan when a group of like-minded individuals discussed the importance of Ecoacoustics in Australia. A meeting with the Secretary General of the International Society of Ecoacoustics – Prof. Stuart Gage encouraged the ACEs to be formed.

ACEs is comprised of members from all across Australia and New Zealand who use Ecoacoustics for research, natural resource management or as a general interest. The group has been developed to share knowledge, network and collaborate on all things Ecoacoustics.

News: The 2018 Ecoacoustics Congress will be held in Brisbane next year www.ecoacousticscongress.org 

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