Aims of the Chapter

The Australasian Chapter of Ecoacoustics follow the aims of the International Society of Ecoacoustics and include:

o To promote a scientific approach to the study of Ecoacoustics.
o To create a network between scientists and students to facilitate the exchange of information about theories, methods and tools in Ecoacoustics.

o To facilitate regular meetings, workshops and seminars across the Australasian region.
o To promote publications (proceedings, book series and journals).
o To support collaboration with other scientific disciplines with links to acoustics, ecology and conservation biology.

o To work with other organizations to use ecoacoustics to help achieve ecological integrity in the world’s disappearing ecosystems.
o To encourage acoustic research projects on endangered species and threatened ecosystems and to promote the conservation of acoustic diversity and natural soundscapes.

o To promote interdisciplinary approaches in the development of data acquisition and analysis tools by bringing together competences in microelectronics, signal processing, and information technology.
o To promote new approaches to data analysis by bringing together competences in “big data” and “data mining.

o To promote the collection and archiving of natural sounds.

o To promote ecoacoustics public outreach through new educational formats and science-based sound art across the widest possible range of disciplines.

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